Not Everyone has been riding bikes all their life and knows all of the jargon and acroynms that are used so here’s a few to help you

Road Bikes

CBS – Combined Braking System, if youuse just the front or back brake both will operate helping you keep control

ABS – Anti Lock Braking System, just like in a car this electronic system monitors your brakes and the speed of your wheels and will stop one wheel from locking up and skidding

LC – Liquid Cooling, the engine has a radiator and liquid coolant is pumped around the engine and radiator top keep it cool

AC – Air Cooled Engine, the flow of air passing the engine as you are riding cools the engine

PDI -Pre Delivery Inspection, this is the preperation and safety check before handing the bike over to you

OTR – “On the Road” costs this is a charge in addition to the retail cost of the bike that covers registration and preparation of your bike more details

Electric Bikes / Quads / Revvi’s

Lead Acid – These are the traditional type of battery like you have in you car or motorbike they are relatively cheap but are heavy and hold a moderate amount of charge for there size, they also take quite a long time to charge but are cheaper to buy and replace

Lithium Battery – These are bigger versions of the battery that powers your phone they are very small and light for the amount of charge that they hold they charge quickly but are more expensive to buy or replace but are very light and easy to use.

Run Time / Range – Ranges and Run Times are subject to many factors including rider weight and the surface being ridden on, the amount of throttle used and even tyre pressures, remember electric vehicles use no electric when stationary so waiting in line in the pits, or having a breather between runs won’t eat into the run time like it would on a petrol bike

Where can they be used – it is illegal to use them on public roads, you can however use them on your own land or any private land you have permission to use, asthey are electric and almost silent in operation they are unlikely to annoy the neighbours or passers by so using them in you own garden is always an option.

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