Motorcycle, Scooter and Moped MOT’s

We will be shortly be offering Class 1&2 MOT’s and workshop facilities for all makes and models of motorbike, young or old.

Collection and Delivery Available within local area

Once your bike is 3 years old it has to have an MOT test every year to ensure it meets a minimum standard of roadworthiness.

Classic Motorbikes

Once a motorbike reaches 40 years old from the date of registration it no longer requires an MOT as it is calssed as an historic vehicle, however it musr still be maintained in a roadworthy state and many insurance companies insist on an MOT test as part of there cover, for your own piece of mind and your safety we recommend still continuing to test these hiostoric vehicles.

Can you collect and deliver my bike

yes we can collect your bike, MOT it, do any work necessary and then return it to you, so you don’t need to worry if it’s SORN, or the weather is bad.

What is not covered by the MOT

The MOT test only covers safety related items that the government mandate, we will advise where possible where we see other items needing attention, however some things like clutch , engine and gearbox are outside the scope of the MOT test, this is why we suggest servicing the vehicle before the test.

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