STOMP EBOX 1.6 Electric Pit Bike


EBOX 1.6 is a 1.6 KW lithium battery / brushless motor combination that packs an astonishing punch. So-much-so, during development we had to add speed-controller adjustment because it was literally too savage.

The benefit is that EBOX 1.6 can be controlled to perfection, dialled down for entry level riding and turned up when you are ready to pin it to clear that table.



EBOX 1.6 will easily pull wheelies off the throttle with a 90 kg adult rider and top-out (quickly) at around 30 mph (more than enough for track use).

Aimed at entry level riders from 6 years up, the EBOX 1.6 is fully compliant with CE and UKCA testing standards. This is a proper bike for serious riders. The perfect, near-silent stepping-stone for every kid with motocross dreams!

A solid hours riding is easily achieved at full power settings and that can be extended by changing the battery should you need more track time.

Key features: charge level indicators, lightweight disk brakes, upside down forks, mono shock, 16.6 AH lithium battery and power delivery control.

How does it ride? The power delivery is fluid, stable with no jerky responses to throttle input.

Thanks to the mx style suspension the ride is smooth, and the bike is very capable off road considering its small size. The cable operated disk brakes are firm, progressive and easy to reach for small hands.

Because it’s electric it’s easy to put in the car without the risk of spilling fuel or oil and the associated smells!!